[Burichan] [Futaba]

File 128968715235.gif - (47.59KB , 700x487 , plantbuddies.gif )
60 No. 60
Let's share our characters guys! 8D
This thread is for pictures of characters that belong to/were created by two or more people. It can be a collaboration by several artists, or just a giftart of the characters. And it could be anything from broart to romart... hell even kismesitude is allowed. Whatever it is, it MUST be characters that belong to DIFFERENT PEOPLE.
Oh and also, I'd like you to post your character's interests, personalities and whatnot. It helps to make things more interesting. c:

Here's the starting piece!
Ivan's character, POTASH, and my character, ROSDRO.
Also apparently, it's a rare moment where Rosdro is actually playing nice with a boy troll. cx
>> No. 64
My human character is really into Horticulture.

But I haven't drawn him. So yeah.
>> No. 68
now i have in mind a group picture with your human character, Rosdro, Potash and Jade all fighting over who gets to fertilise a plant or staring at a plant or group gardening >.>
>> No. 69
lol that's a great idea!
Except I don't think Rosdro would fight with Jade... her being a girl and all. cx
>> No. 74
Oh my god
that OP is
so cute I
love you

I am dying you've killed me

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
>> No. 75
hah yeah, and Jade prolly wouldn't wanna fight (or someone would say something that would make her mentally link it to Karkat and she'll go crazy and start hitting everything)
group gardening looks awesome XD
>> No. 81
File 128969896212.png - (296.30KB , 1025x1076 , Scyllafinal.png )
I secretly wanted a thread like this so bad ahahaha;;

I made this because I love Scylla. She is adorable yet badass and it is glorious.
>> No. 82
Oh man I wonder where Octopus is. He/she and I were doing a crack baby shared adventure.
>> No. 83
Iunno, prolly rp shenanigans or sleeping, haha.
Are you restarting that or...? //followed it
>> No. 84
IDK! I'll leave that up to them, cause I'm fine with whatever.
>> No. 85
Yeah that's cool. I probably should've added though, that I wanted more of a group picture thing for this thread, like... pictures of two or more characters. Though I guess character appreciation could count as well.
>> No. 89
I never draw anyone else's trolls because I barely draw my own. ; ~;
But Nate's drawn Aelise a few times (and it was fucking amazing, so much better than mineee).
>> No. 90
File 128970460141.jpg - (463.38KB , 1810x513 , 14trolls.jpg )
I didn't want to fill this thread up with descriptions of me & Tsuin's characters, so instead I'll post a picture of all of them and post them all here:

>OVISSA TALOSA: (Oh-vi-sah)
>Likes tranquility, motivational things, and coffee. She's an insomniac, she hates being stressed out, and she is a helpful mediator. Also, she likes to make MST3K jokes constantly, even if she doesn't understand them entirely.

>SIMETA TESSIT: (Sim-ett-ah)
>Likes music, sweet things, and the color pink. She fails at playing instruments (sometimes in ways thought improbable) and she can't dance very well, but she can sing pretty good. She's usually very bubbly but dramatic when upset.

>BETMUS LUXXOR: (Beet-muss)
>Likes puzzles, architecture, Egyptian things, and gameshows. He's a hypochondriac and a realist, and usually acts pretty cranky.

>ROSDRO AMARAN: (Roz-droe)
>Likes plants (mostly flowers) and girls. He fancies himself a ladies man but he's excessively rude to guys, especially ones around his age. He's also somewhat impulsive.

>LACONA KITTOC: (Lah-cone-ah)
>Likes fighting, blood, warfare, all that unpleasant stuff. Lacona is VERY headstrong and acts kind of stupid, though no one knows if she really is stupid or she's just acting that way ironically. Lacona has no fears whatsoever, but she's also nasty and therefore, kind of a bully.

>Is kind of mysterious. No one even knows where his hive is. When he's not being passive and boring while watching everything everywhere, he is somewhat friendly.

> Likes Troll Burton and Troll Topic products. She's intensly into gothy crap and morbid things. She kind of has a snake-like nature and she has a bad lisp. She also appears to have an interest in some troll adaptation of Voodoo.

>Likes practicing surgery, learning about science, anatomy and whatnot, and organ harvesting. His intense interest in physical health sometimes gets a little creepy. Regardless, he is very friendly and neighborly, and he is almost ALWAYS smiling.

>ALKORA BERALL: (Al-korr-ah)
>Likes to practice shooting, correcting people, and looking badass. He is interested in engineering and has a fondness for space travel, aliens and such. He is usually quite stoic and cold, but when he is with Mevris, he seems to act a little out of conduct. He also has a strange fondness for light of any kind.

>MEVRIS SARIBA: (Mehv-ree)
>Likes beasts and cultural stuff. She also shares a fondness for aliens, but unlike Alkora, she prefers the more "romanticized" ones. She is physically strong and likes to play games, mostly she likes to playfight with Avismo.

>AVISMO FREDER: (Ah-viz-moe)
>Likes robots, music, futuristic stuff, and like Alkora, has a fondness for lights. He can't talk, instead he creates symbols on his helmet depicting his thoughts/feelings. He is an incredible virtuoso and he likes to play the keyboard. He owns a keytar, a Key-Board (Keyboard/Hover-board) and a huge, sweet-ass futuristic organ called "Mega-organ".

>SOLMOR DUOZYG: (Sol-more)
>Solmor is extremely somber and bitter. He likes to sell the many items at his disposal to his friends. He is somewhat crafty. He also likes to write mediocre angst-ridden poetry.

>SOLMEA DUOZYG: (Sol-mee-ah)
>Solmea is very chipper and likes to galavant around her enormous hive... too bad her brother doesn't enjoy it. She is sometimes forgetful, so when she usually uses the computer store area of her abandoned mall-hive she has several of them on at a time and sometimes forgets which one she's using. Her friends like her upbeat attitude, but don't really enjoy her brother's killjoy attitude, so it's kind of hard to hang out with them.

>AGUILI MATARI: (Ah-gill-ee)
>Loves to keep secrets and to find out other's secrets. She loves wearing costumes that conceal her identity, and to steal things sometimes. Despite her love of deception and the like, she's actually quite nice and reliable to her friends, though it may only be because they don't know what she knows about them. Oh and she also loves to eat tuna.

And he's not pictured here, but there's also a small Dersite named >CLANDESTINE SKITTERS. (clan-des-teen)
>Clandestine is kind of skittish (hence his name) and he's scared of anything bigger than him (which is almost everything). Usually when the superior trolls come to LOTAG (the Land of Trees and Garbage) he quickly hides behind Aguili, no matter how harmless the superior troll may seem. He shares Aguili's love for wearing costumes and tuna. He's usually piloting the submarine-hive while Aguili is away.

Aaaand I think that's it. c:
>> No. 94
Oh and I forgot to add:
Mortan drives a tractor.
And Simeta loves to quote song lyrics.
>> No. 105
File 128976094273.png - (239.95KB , 867x599 , nirtieandglacia.png )
Been looking for an excuse to post this. Was drawn in an open canvas session with my friend who designed the girl to the left. The girl to the right is my original character donut steel.
>> No. 106
Ooooo they're so pretty!
>> No. 127
Oh shit, deer horns. That is fuckin rad.
>> No. 141
Thank you :)

Yeah, they were awful to draw though, haha. My friend just described them as "antlers," so I had to wing it for the most part.
>> No. 142
LOL shit right that thread

I honestly have to restart it uhbluhbrr
I actually had some ideas for restarting from a different perspective, so things won't turn all that random. My idea was having Scylla play Sgrub with the two other crack babbies I made. You'll see what details I have in mind.

Oh man you don't know how much I love thissssssssssssssssssssssss <3 sdfasfsdwe
>> No. 147
File 128984974565.png - (130.78KB , 800x323 , bluhbluhmoirail.png )
Me and my friend Zephy's trolls. They're moirails and stuff. :B

We have a few other trolls in our group, too. They're all based off of non-zodiac constellations. Zephy's is Pyxis (the navigational compass), and mine is Circinus (the drawing compass). :3
>> No. 349
File 129050362295.png - (659.21KB , 643x828 , Nemesis.png )
Drew this for my bro Vincent (SuryaAsura) because I love Nemesis like burning.
>> No. 351
>> No. 423
File 129080628236.png - (154.40KB , 884x617 , NagglyBetmus.png )
I did some doodles of the subtroll kids. :U Only Naggly and Betmus came out all right so far though. :T I love me some subtrolls.

They're... older? IDK
>> No. 429
OMG that's so cool! I love how you did Naggly's hair all wispy! cx
So awesome! Thanks!<3<3<3
>> No. 431
This obviously has something to do with FATE. They must be destined for one another.

But seriously it's ironic considering that FATE sent Naggly's doll to Betmus.
>> No. 499
File 129099092432.png - (179.09KB , 800x673 , popstarlols.png )
I normally don't randomly draw other people's characters but the thought of Lambda and Flarth meeting somehow is simply amusing. They both seem like major egocentric bitch starlets.
>> No. 500

OMG. Flarth art from someone I don't know.

This is awesome. Yeah, Flarth would get into a catty bitchfight with anyone claiming to be more famous than her. XD
>> No. 504
Flarth and Lambda would be epic rivals, no doubt. |D or at least result in plenty of snarky catfights.
>> No. 529
Does anyone else have a guardian OC that could be my OC Cuz' buddy O: that would be cool~
>> No. 536
File 129116296259.png - (21.61KB , 168x335 , Fridgey_auntSprite.png )
I got a few.
Aunt (Telescopic Auntsprite)
Giant Serpent Lusus
BEST FRIEND (20 year old chick)
Foster Father
Gilled Pony Lusus

Uh lets see. I only got art of auntsprite, no pre-prototyping artwork. ((Art not by me))
>> No. 2892
File 129712191219.jpg - (141.38KB , 667x723 , Leto.jpg )
>> No. 2895
Why, I do believe my dearest Kali requested this! he looks so fabulous. <3
>> No. 2916
File 129717926395.jpg - (210.61KB , 1280x960 , 0206112236.jpg )
Something my friend drew of her troll and mine for my constellation project.

The guy hugging is my guy, ALPHEE RIGIL, and he's a totally chill plane obsessed playboy, and the other guy is TARSUS EPONAS and he's just a grumpy tsundere mechanic who hates everyone on the hemospectrum that's above him or below him. Alphee is an exception.
They're HORSE BUDDIES. (And we've got two other horse based trolls, so they're the Four Horsemen. Geddit? :B)

pardon the shitty quality. friend had to send it to me via cellphone.
>> No. 2960
File 129733617670.png - (91.97KB , 535x2000 , bikinis.png )
ive done some comics of poison parfait's and my own fantroll. hers is blue, mine is green.
>> No. 2961
File 129733619654.png - (54.71KB , 835x1153 , comic.png )
>> No. 2963
File 129733677175.png - (26.23KB , 480x428 , fantrolls.png )
anyway, utelia (left) is a huge gossippy romantic who's also rather nosy and lives with her chicken lusus in a gated hivestem community. she knits sometimes and likes to dance and cook. and hvezda (right) is an incredibly antisocial hikkikomori who's a secret pervert and lives high up in a tree with her owl lusus so she can spy on people with her telescope. she likes astrology.
>> No. 2964
File 129733910656.png - (9.81KB , 264x246 , Bracing.png )
hey who wants to be my freind?
>> No. 2967
File 129736730176.jpg - (55.96KB , 600x894 , shinso_and_herpus.jpg )
(not new art, but god help us, Herpus Derpus does get fanart)
>> No. 2986
>> No. 2992
File 129745309091.png - (12.71KB , 200x250 , herpus.png )
It's around. I made a sprite-mode Herpus once. I was told "needs more fat."
>> No. 2993
File 129745324163.jpg - (108.27KB , 772x1257 , shisno_liek_herpus.jpg )
oh hey, found this. I recognize the style, but her (his?) name escapes me.
>> No. 2996

It's by Steph.
>> No. 2998
File 129747939820.png - (35.60KB , 200x200 , avatartumblr2.png )
My character, Vobira Basila.

she talksssss sssssU~mthin like thissssss.
>> No. 3005
Crixst Apathe


While normally calm and collective and talks with no quirk, but when he's angry and types in @LL C@PS, TH{N @LL V[]W|_|{LS G[] F|_|CK|NG K@BL{W\/! He's abit of a junk collector, and looks alittle too deep into things that are new and strange to him.


Aww I like her =D
>> No. 3007
>> No. 3008
File 129749581190.png - (845.16KB , 1550x1747 , trollsona 001.png )
Hee hee~!
whoooooooo is thiiiiiiiiiiis~?

glub glub glub glub glub!! ☼3☼
>> No. 3009
File 129749787758.png - (82.46KB , 557x575 , SILVERLINE.png )
Lets make this shit mellow.
>> No. 3010
File 129752182016.png - (271.54KB , 546x772 , ZazchazKitrak.png )


>> No. 3024
....Keep that notebook handy Lucy.

Well I'm deaf now, but it's nice to see you.
>> No. 3045
File 129760825322.png - (39.68KB , 672x465 , Page 3.png )
Heres mine 8D
>> No. 3076
File 129766162232.jpg - (67.96KB , 650x450 , glubglubalthavoc.jpg )
DG: what notebook?
DG: ?3?
DG: glub glub glub glub~!!
>> No. 3184
File 129784147163.png - (15.08KB , 905x561 , Trolls.png )
I drew me and my friend's ocs!
>> No. 3193
File 129787021554.png - (11.07KB , 302x556 , SHADISAMAZING.png )
I got this as a present from someone on Christmas, it's my character Emily Evans.

>YOUR NAME IS EMILY EVANS, YOU HAVE A VARIETY OF INTERESTS. Most have been dropped due to being in sburb for an unnaturally long time. Woop
>> No. 3210
File 129789837050.png - (171.41KB , 700x1000 , roxi.png )
Oh! I have a human OC!
Her name is Roxi Brownes, sweetpeaSoup is her pesterchum handle ((she's online mostly)) and she doesn't really have any quirks besides forgetting words a lot. Her color is usually Teal, but sometimes she feels like using other colors :3
>> No. 3235
File 129793642873.jpg - (115.02KB , 500x500 , batting_for_love_by_thenugeart-d39q4l8.jpg )
>> No. 3301
File 129814582943.png - (8.83KB , 254x394 , be_someone_else__s_troll_by_vanderbelt-d3502xk.png )

aka comradeChekisty, aka bluh bluh commie bitch.
>> No. 3330
File 129823275795.png - (16.93KB , 720x279 , babbies.png )
The middle left and the one to the right are friends' characters~
>> No. 3434
File 129848611396.png - (261.04KB , 1024x768 , its for the best.png )
oh man i think im going to whore out this thread for me and my friends session.
there is sixteen characters, the kidtrolls and the trolltrolls. The kid trolls are just the main four and include Swarlo, Medica, Layton and Sakura. The sixteen include the legless brothers Lam and Dom, the blind girl Nidian, the beaver Barkus, the skateboarder Clockus, the rocker (whos name I forget, forgive me), and the boy with Diabetes (who doesnt have a name). Trust me, it was late when we made these, almost 3 am, and were both retarded. But heres some art of Medica and Layton.
>> No. 3435
File 129848617125.png - (177.95KB , 1024x768 , clockus.png )
heres Clockus.

did i mention last night was my first time ever using a tablet? : D
>> No. 3436
File 129848622770.png - (171.99KB , 1024x768 , leave him.png )
oh god so much medica
>> No. 3437
File 12984862849.png - (195.19KB , 1024x768 , medica.png )
why did we draw her so much holy shit
>> No. 3438
File 129848634960.jpg - (562.09KB , 1024x1100 , SivereHawkin.jpg )
okay, no more Medica. Heres Sivere, the rocker.
>> No. 3439
File 129848641973.png - (334.03KB , 1024x768 , swalor.png )
man, you cant see his tattoos when hes in stick form.
>> No. 3736
File 129904653068.png - (16.78KB , 431x427 , glades.png )
>> No. 3743
truly a work of art 8D
>> No. 3750
you should totally draw Herpus Derpus next!