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We can't all be drawfags like the cornucopia that Homestuck seems to attract. This is a thread for all those who have ideas for fancharas but simply don't have the drawing ability to make huge adventures.

Okay, I'll go first.

Your name is REGINA CRUOR.

You don't have any SPECIAL POWERS at the moment. There is absolutely nothing impressive about you by troll standards. You cannot crush foes beneath your feet like Equius, or toss around giant statues like Aradia or bleed all over the place like Karkat. But you're SMART. Damn SMART. You have all the plans. ALL OF THEM. You are an ENIGMA wrapped in a PUZZLE BOX wrapped in PURPLE WRAPPING PAPER. And inside that PURPLE ENIGMA BOX lays a CRAZY MOTHERFUCKER IN A SUIT who really likes stabbing people.

But you're getting ahead of yourself. You lost most of your TROLLIKE FEATURES, including your horns in a failed EVIL SCHEME TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD a while ago. Such an experience was incredibly traumatic and horrible and we will never mention it again because it involves WEIRD TIME SHIT, which is something you absolutely DESPISE.

You live to spread CHAOS and FEAR all throughout the troll empire. They send EVERYONE to hunt you down for your sickening BLACK BLOOD and the thousands of people you've killed, but they always get sent back in BLACK BODY BAGS anyway. It's amazing what a troll can do with a few GALLONS OF GAS and a couple BULLETS.

You STRIFE DECK is equipped with a SHITTON OF KNIVES because you're kind of a KNIFE NUT. You like using knives because GUNS are just too quick. It helps to savor the moment, killing an enemy face-to-face, savoring all the LITTLE EMOTIONS. You see, in their last moments, people show you who they really are. So, in a way, you knew the people you killed better than anyone ever did.

Your trolltag is unrelentingUsurper and you "SPEAK in a MANNER that shows off your HUMBLE TASTES. Like GUNPOWDER and DYNAMITE and GASOLINE. You know, the SIMPLE THINGS."

Okay, that probably really sucked, but you get the idea. There's dozens of us bursting with ideas but too afraid to show them because we can't draw.
>> No. 753
wow this looks like so much fun!!!! :D :D :D :D

can i go next??


You have a variety of HOBBIES. You enjoy making new species of ANIMALS through the ancient art of TAXIDERMY. You like to play GAMES with these ANIMALS where you go on MAGICAL ADVENTURES. You do not get along with other trolls because you are SO CHEERFUL. The only time you are not happy is when you see ANIMAL ABUSE. You like to kill ANIMAL ABUSERS and use their BODY PARTS in your TAXIDERMY. Your favorite book is THE ISLAND OF DOCTOR TROLLEAU. One day, you hope to become a GENETICOMBINER, an elite scientist who breeds new kinds of monsters to fight in the troll army.
>> No. 755
in a much more palatable version: http://www.tindeck.com/listen/zpns

Your name is Yawner Cube .

You are a purple blood who spends his time alone. To the rest of the world, you are one of the highest trolls in the land, yet you are loved by all as your passion for JUSTICE and FAIRNESS leaves both the low and high-bloods happy with your decisions. But, you have a secret. When no one is look, when crime is afoot, you become your alter ego BAT-TROLL

You live to sweep CRIME and VILLIANY off its feet! Your nights are spent spreading fear and terror and woe to all those who wish to harm others. Some call you a MYTH. Others call you a FREAK. But most just call you THE NIGHT. Your money helps you fight CRIME and fuels the many weapons that are contained in your almost LIMITLESS STRIFE SPECIBUS.

Of these many STRIFE SPECIBI, you favor TROLL-A-RANGS, a personal invention that you use to take down foes from afar. Your weapons are also mostly NON-LETHAL, for even though you live in a violent world, after seeing you lusus killed by some bitch with VISION EIGHT FOLD YOU you swore to never cause that kind of pain for anyone. But you are not devoted to catching her, the majority of your time is spent hunting down REGINA CRUOR, a monster of a troll, responsible for the death of thousands.

Your trolltag is amphibiousAdamlambert and you "Speak in a rather.....overdramatic?...voice...when you are in public" but when prowling for crime, you "SPEAK IN A LOUD AND TERRIFYING VOICE THAT IS RATHER RASPY"
>> No. 756
Your name is MITREE ROTAM. Today, like most days, is fairly AVERAGE and DULL. Like most days, STUPID SHIT happened, unfortunately for you, todays STUPID SHIT will fuck with the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

However, none of that has happened yet, so the spotlight will be focused on you, the star, for the time being. You happen to be FAIRLY TERRIBLE at just about EVERYTHING YOU TRY TO DO. This is due to the TERRIBLE disease that plagues most of your species called IDD, interest-deficit-disorder, or more commonly called THE INABILITY TO NOT GIVE A FUCK. Unlike most trolls however, you have IIDD, INTENSE-interest-deficit-disorder, something that often causes you to STOP GIVING A FUCK when you are in the middle of doing shit YOU GIVE A FUCK ABOUT. One of the very few things you can do, and do it VERY WELL, is GUNS and GUN RELATED TOPICS AND ACTIVITIES. Your life goal is to FIGHT AND DIE for your species and friends. Some would say you care TO MUCH, however most WOULDN'T GIVE A FUCK.

These friends that you are willing to die for are NUMEROUS, and you keep them DIVIDED NEATLY into separate CIRCLES OF FRIENDS. You have NO CLUE as to how SO MANY PEOPLE LIKE YOU, as you tend to come off as KIND OF AN ASSHOLE when you meet new people. Your friends also point out HOW MUCH OF AN ASSHOLE YOU ARE, and this confuses you because they still talk to you. Or at least this would confuse you, but you actually give a fuck. Your trolltag is enragedZealot and you type in a manner that "Changes between proper grammar when you're calm, ALL CAPS AND A SHIT TON OF SWEARS WHEN YOU'RE REALLY FUCKING PISSED OFF, and no caps no punctuation when you couldnt honestly care".

You are going to go on A MAGICAL ADVENTURE, filled with ACTION, SUSPENSE, and VERY LITTLE QUADRANT FILLING. However, this would take time out of your BUSY SCHEDULE of NOT GIVING A FUCK, but then again, you don't give a fuck that you don't give a fuck.

So, what will you do?
>> No. 797
I loled at the end with the RASPY VOICE. It reminds me so much of Rorschach.
>> No. 804
I get that impression
>> No. 920
Requesting "Nepeta Nitram"

Wheelchair bound after an incident involving Aradia Serket caused him to lose his legs (not just paralyze them, they're actually gone). Bull lusus if you want to include that. Slightly straighter-than-Tavros's horns, but still curving. Not a furry (That's Karkat Leijon's job), but an animal lover still (lives on a ranch so hey).

Moved here because hey, mostly not canon character.
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; A;
I want to read the book again now.
Gad damn it.