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File 129202822645.png - (8.01KB , 359x480 , svetilogo.png )
869 No. 869
this is the worst logo in the world, it's almost like I spent less than ten minutes on it. OH WAIT.

This is where I'll dump the material I have for my OC sburb session. It's probably not going to be an adventure, since the scope of it just terrifies me a little.

It's set in the world I do most of my fantasy writing in, except fast-forwarded a thousand years or so.

> Sveti: "Saint." Also derived from the deity Siyeti or Sit, bright mother, appears to mortals as a radiant white bird. The story goes that the world was hatched out of one of her eggs, and all the landmasses and continents are pieces of the egg shell. One myth suggests that Siyeti herself was once a world, and when this one's time is done it will mature and lay another egg, continuing the cycle.

> But of course no one believes in all that anymore.
>> No. 874
File 129203137517.png - (15.53KB , 618x578 , sveticycle.png )
The basic rundown. Not set it stone, it'll change when I start getting in depth. The darker names denote the player's exile.

I'm kind of impatient when it comes to developing the carapaces (big fuckin' surprise) but I need to figure out the prototyping list before I can design them.
>> No. 876
File 129203412418.png - (7.18KB , 553x444 , royalemblem.png )
Arc number: 359.
The game lasts 359 days.
9 player session.
5 deaths, 3 survivors, the 9th is a special case.
>> No. 882
File 129204254569.png - (38.23KB , 292x750 , knightofbreath.png )
Name: Cate Waller
Title: Knight of Breath
Land: Flint and Fireworks
Dream: Derse
Strife: 2xfluteKind
Handle: enmeshedUstion
Muse: Euterpe
Mythological role: Phoenix (air + fire)
>> No. 886
File 129205110227.png - (33.42KB , 272x718 , wardofeye.png )
Name: Anne Trionfan
Title: Ward of Eye
Land: Wild and Wave
Dream: Derse
Strife: guitarKind
Handle: eutropicRadar
Muse: Erato
Mythological role: Vanguard
>> No. 906
I had a dream in which the kids found this symbol. That was weird.
>> No. 2777
...I guess this means this is an older session and they left artifacts in the code?

All future updates to this stuff will be found here, since it's much easier to organize and edit.