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944 No. 944
Your name is SWIFTIZ LEEIN. You're a blue-blooded troll, making you somewhat akin to royalty, but you don't flaunt this as much as you feel like you should, living in a humble hive carved out of a CLIFFSIDE MOUNTAIN with your Lusus, formerly two headed dragon ESSIE.

You believe you have a BEAUTIFUL ANGELIC VOICE, though it really sounds kinda crappy, singing and strumming on your THREE STRINGED BLUDGEON DEVICE whenever possible. Most of the time you use your musical abilities to cause pain rather then entertainment. Your other hobbies include IRONICALLY DRESSING LIKE A COWBOY but denying that you are one, being ABSURDLY TALL among troll standards, attempting to learn how to control FIRE for your musical performances, and working along with your morail companion who lives several hives away. Your trollian handle is vocalisPyroalis and you "~Type in a vocally soothing harmonic tooooooneee~"

First agenda? (Also forgiveness for art and story throughout this. It's my first fan adventure and I've been wanting to practice digital drawing more, so this will give me an excuse to do so. Please be gentle dear MSPAchan-ers)
>> No. 945
> Serenade the first person you can think of.
>> No. 946
File 129226508715.jpg - (25.07KB , 475x409 , Fanventure panel2.jpg )

Well, you are thinking about that Morail of yours now, sorta wonder what he's up to this morning. But enough actual thought, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU BRO~
>> No. 947
File 129226550783.jpg - (28.49KB , 475x409 , Fanventure panel3.jpg )

This is probably why he wears earplugs when you sing for other people. And a rain slicker.
>> No. 952
Message said morail