The MSPA Sheet Music (and Tabs and MIDI) Index

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Volume One
Volume Two
Volume Three
Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead
Volume Four
Volume Five
  • Squiddles! (vocals) -- Sheet music by Miff
  • Friendship is Paramount -- Midi by Beatfox-- Arrangement by BRPXQZME
  • Squiddles Campfire -- Notation by Goatmon
The Felt
  • Swing of the Clock -- Sheet music by almostsix
  • Chartreuse Rewind -- Sheet music by almostsix
  • The Broken Clock -- Sheet music by Nocturne -- MIDI by Miff
  • Omelette Sandwich -- Sheet music by Game Hunter
  • Temporal Piano -- Sheet music by Game Hunter, Jit (chords)
  • Baroqueback Bowtier (Scratch's Lament) -- Sheet music by Kyntello, Viola score by candidcondescension
  • Scratch -- Arrangement for solo organ by Imbrog
  • Time Paradox -- Sheet music by EidolonOrpheus
  • Eldritch -- Sheet music by almostsix
  • English -- Sheet music by almostsix, MIDI by seekercat
Homestuck for the Holidays
Volume Six
  • Heat -- Violin Transcription by Liliumus
Mobius Trip and Hadron Kalido
Volume Seven
Prospit & Derse
Volume Eight
Song of Skaia
coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A
coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B
Volume Nine
One Year Older
  • October -- MIDI by Jit, LeQha, Score by OI3L1V1OUS
  • Underfoot -- Score by Jit
  • Game Over -- Piano score by Sir Real
  • Unlabeled -- Score by Jit, MIDI by i300
  • The Scratch -- Piano section by Jit
  • Mother (bonus) -- Piano score by Jit, kurama101 -- MIDI by i300
  • Under The Hat (bonus) -- Piano score by Jit -- MIDI by i300
[S] Collide.
Volume Ten
cool and new web comic