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Homestuck Desktop stuff

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Most of these are from deviantart. I saw in the referrer logs people coming here from akaisha0's tumblr who compiled a list of bookmarks to published homestuck shimeji . I'll slowly accumulate and convert those to Shimeji-EE too.

Howto add these to your desktop
These Shimeji are converted to work with Shimeji-EE; one program for all the mascots instead of a gorillian seperate java processes.

I've included a readme.txt in every zip with all I know about making it work with MS-Windows.

Acts 1-4

Act 5

Act 6


I managed to hack an old System-9 program that will work in OSX, and accept new artwork.
Warning: something about OSX won't let you click on the little character, so the only way to stop it is to type 'pkill neko' in a Terminal.


These are themes for the xpenguins software. Xpenguins should be available from your local software repository.

I'm still working on a way to convert shimeji automatically and correctly into xpenguins themes.